Creating a Test CEO Juice Database

In order to properly set up the Connectwise integration in a test environment, we ask that you create a copy of the CEO Juice database for testing purposes. **The CEO Juice dev DB must be on the same SQL server instance as the test eAutomate DB.**

To do this, follow these steps:

1. Open SSMS, connected to the server where the production CEOJuice DB is located. Right-click on the production Juice database (normally called ceojuice) (1) and select Tasks (2)  and then Back Up... (3):


2. Make sure that you select the Backup type of Full:


3. Once you have created the backup, right-click on the server and choose Restore Database...:


4. Under source, select Device and then select the most recent backup of the CEOJuice database (1). Under Destination change the database name to CeoJuice_dev (2) **This step is very important, by default, it will restore as the same name as the source, overwriting the production DB, so make sure that the database listed in step 2 is NOT the same as the database in step 1**

updated ceojuice_de step.jpg

5. Click on the Files page and verify the Restore As files reflect the new database name. **Important!! Otherwise, you may overwrite a database!!


6. Click on OK to create the dev database.

Please let us know if there are any issues creating the database to use for testing by emailing

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