ID34 - OnShip Parcel (UPS, FedEx) & Freight Shipments Overview & Sample:

Use OnShip for shipment address corrections and to shop for lowest cost shipping.

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ID530 is our UPS integration with e-automate and ID531 is FedEx. We have been searching for a solution for address corrections where we see clients paying hundreds of dollars in address correction fees each month ( This is an integration with OnShip ( OnShip allows you to shop for the lowest shipping cost. You can select the carrier with the lowest cost or choose to always ship with your preferred carrier. 

It also works for LTL shipments (freight) and that can get into some big savings on machines being shipped out.  For our Canadian clients, it supports Purolator, for our Mid-West clients, they integrate with SpeeDee.

OnShip has address correction built-in so we notify you of correction needed and we can push in tracking numbers freight cost, and freight charge. We have the option to report what OnShip is saving you each month on their lower rates plus show how much you saved on address correction charges. 

OnShip is waiving (but see note) their monthly fee for CEO Juice clients and allows you to either use your existing UPS / FedEx account, or try theirs if they offer better rates. We are pooling our clients' buying power to get better shipping rates. We see our average client pay about $500 per month in address correction fees.

As with all of our integrations, this is included in your monthly fee. Please subscribe to ID34 and complete the OnShip form to get started (make sure you are logged into our subscription site before you start, otherwise it will not save):



Run Schedule: Every 30 seconds

Type of Output: Email


*  *  *





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Watch this video about the variable options:


Variable 1: Orders in this status will be uploaded to OnShip Platform, we suggest using dedicated OnShip status (at least for starting and testing).

Variable 2: Sales Order status to set on Sales Order after order processed/shipped through OnShip. We suggest shipped as Best Practice is to ship orders before fulfilling. We will automatically update order to this status once shipment complete in OnShip.

Variable 4: Enter Branch Number(s) to include, separated by comma OR leave blank for ALL. If you have multiple Ship From locations, then you will need to create a separate ID34 subscription for each Ship From location and enter the Branch Numbers tied to that Ship From in this variable.


Variable 6: Enter Ship Method(s) to consider, separated by comma or leave blank for ALL. OnShip has specific Ship Methods they require in order to recognize within their platform. We will set up 03-UPSG (UPS Ground) in eAuto for you for testing. Once you are ready to do more shipping, we will provide you a complete list to enter and use in eAuto.

Variable 7: Specify which API Credentials have been entered in External Systems Integrations (CEO Juice will completed this once OnShip creates your account).

Variable 8: Set to YES to exclude auto emailing of order confirmation and order shipment to Order By on your Supply Order. If you are using alert ID200 and/or ID216 you definitely want to set this one to YES to exclude to avoid duplication. 

Variable 9: Set Flat Fee Freight Charge amount (or leave at 0 to not charge) please include decimals (i.e. 10.00). This can also be used in conjunction with Variable10 to mark up % AND charge flat fee on top of mark up%.  

Variable 1: Set Markup % of Freight Cost for Freight Charge (or leave at 0 to not charge).  Specify percentage in decimal format (i.e. enter 0.9 = 90% of Cost,  enter 1.1 = 110% of cost.) This can also be used in conjunction with Variable9 to mark up % AND charge flat fee on top of mark up%.

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API Creds

API Credentials

We need you to enter your API Details on our website as shown below. The user entering on our website will need 'Customer Admin' security role - ask us at if you need to know who has.

API credentials for OnShip need to be requested from OnShip. Once received please enter on the CEO Juice website:

Please enter credentials on our website ( via Profile / Integrations:


Select OnShip:


Enter API Key and API Secret:


*  *  *

Alert Functionality

Alert Functionality

1. Ships via UPS, FedEx, DHL, LDS, SpeeDee


2. This integration looks for (1) Sales Orders with Status you've listed in Variable1, (2) ShipMethod to match one of OnShip's Ship Methods listed in Variable6 (we provide you these), and (3) the Shipment Record is created. Once those three steps are completed, you will see the order in OnShip platform within 30 seconds. If not, then typically there is an address error. If address error, then the Sales Order status will change to InvalidShipInfo and those listed in To/CC/BCC of your subscription will receive email indicating the error. After correcting the address error, change status back to OnShip and order should be ready to ship via OnShip platform.

3. Process flow:


4. This process can coexist with ShipStation (ID503) and with our UPS (ID530) and FedEx (ID531) integrations

5. Alert is cloneable so you can have different API credentials to facilitate different shipping label from address based on branch(es):


5. Our process will automatically check for address validation. If the address on Customer Record from eAuto is invalid per OnShip (also USPS), then the order will not be valid. The status of the order will then change to Invalid. You will then need to change address on order in eAuto and reset the status back to what you have listed in Variable1. You can use your eView CEOJuice Shipping Service integrated shipments (see #7 below) to see what the correct address is. By default, we will only push back/make invalid an order ONCE. Let us know if you'd like that set to more than once as we can update our coding.

6. We will create Custom Property ZCJ_OnShip_DisableAddrVal, so you can set any Customer Record needed to disable the Address Validation function. 

Set to YES to disable Address Validation:


7. We will create Custom Property ZCJ_OnShip_Location so you can override the default FROM shipping address/location on your OnShip account at your Warehouse Level. This is helpful when certain items shipped from different warehouse. You will need to work with OnShip to have them set up the other Location(s) for you. Once done, you will need to populate Custom Property ZCJ_OnShip_Location on Warehouse Record with EXACT NAME of that location in OnShip (case sensitive).


8. OnShip Fees:

The theory with OnShip is that clients save in two areas, they avoid address correction and they get you better shipping rates. They agreed to waive their standard fees for our clients. They make their money when our clients use the OnShip UPS or Fedex number to ship. Both UPS and Fedex don’t want to undercut their own pricing so OnShip makes money when a client who is using UPS (95% of our clients are) start shipping Fedex with the OnShip number.

OnShip gets in trouble when a client uses OnShip’s Fedex rate to go back and get better rates from Fedex, again both UPS and Fedex don’t want to undercut their pricing.

We chatted on how we make this a win for everyone. We are adding this note to our documentation that using OnShip’s rate to get better pricing will just ruin the program. OnShip has started charging their standard fees for clients who have not used their account number to ship after 1 year, that seems fair to us.

OnShip rates.png


9. If you already have (or wish to start) a Custom Property in use to NOT charge a customer for freight, please let us know at so we can set your integration to "see" that Custom Property. 

10. We will create eView CEOJuice Shipping Service integrated shipments

This eView serves as a log to show which eAutomate Sales Order Shipments have been submitted to which online shipping service and the current status of the shipment. Data points of interest include branch, ship from location, ship to address submitted, address validation status, address validation error information, shipping method, shipping company, online shipping service order number, tracking number if shipment is completed, and standardized shipment address used by online shipping service.



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Best Practices & Tips

Best Practices & Tips

1. You MUST create Shipment Record BEFORE fulfilling Sales Order. This ensures we can write needed Freight Cost and Tracking Numbers posted to each shipment.

2. If orders are not pushing through from e-Auto to On Ship, have your IT check that the ID34 CEOJuice OnShipSync Service is running on the CEO Juice server:


3. If you wish to change the default Ship Method for your Sales Order to one of OnShip's, please go to Tools / Options / Accounts Receivable, Customer setup defaults:


4. Use eView CEOJuice Shipping Service integrated shipments to find the addresses corrected so you can update in eAuto.

Filter by Adjusted = Yes 

If running regularly (i.e. monthly), added filter for dates, then use 'export' option to push to excel for easing sorting. The StdShipAddress, StdShipAddress2, StdShipCity, StdShipState, StdShipZip, StdShipCountry provide you what OnShip printed on shipping label and is what you want to ensure is in eAuto:



5. OnShip vs. ShipStation Comparison:



Custom Property Set Up

Custom Property Set Up

Via Tools / Lists & Codes / Attributes / New

To override Location:

Attribute Name: ZCJ_OnShip_Location

Description: Warehouse OnShip Location Name - leave blank for default

Data Type: Text Box



Then go to Tools / Lists & Codes / Configurations (Custom properties), add to Warehouse Config:


Attribute Name: ZCJ_OnShip_DisableAddrVal

Description: Disable to skip OnShip Address Validation - Yes to skip

Data Type: Yes/No


Then go to Tools / Lists & Codes / Configurations (Custom properties), add to Customers Config:

**Be sure to set Default Value to No


*  *  *

Related Alerts

Related Alerts

ID503 - ShipStation Parcel & Freight Shipments

ID530/531 - UPS/FedEx Integration

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OnShip and eAuto Enhanced Workflow Webinar (recorded 11/02/23)




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