ID85 - Special Pricing App:

Clients have sales deals they sell where the manufacturer has given special pricing (purchase order cost) to the dealer, sometimes specific to a customer, or to a customer type (law, healthcare, etc), or even a 'deal'.  When they sell specific items on a sales order, they need to make sure that purchasing orders that item using the vendor special pricing for that particular order/deal. 

This process is an App that will allow clients to import a spreadsheet into a PO BID in eAutomate and apply the correct price when the PO is created. The POBid number will be the "name" of the special pricing. For documentation purposes, we will call these vendor "PriceBooks".   

The POBid will have the items & special prices (for purchasing from vendor) that should be used to order the product for a particular deal/customer.  When the sales order is created, the client will have to put the name of that POBID (PriceBook) on the sales order description header, and/or on the sales order line item remarks (in the case where only certain items are eligible ), and then would enter that pricebook name embedded between the braces as in {NameOfPriceBookImported}.   

When all of those pieces are in place, the expected action is when a PO is created and linked to a sales order, we check to see if that pricebook is on the order description or on a line item remark, and when we see {NameOfPriceBookImported}, we will pass the pricebook name from the sales order along with the item(s) on the sales order and lookup the pricebook/item from the POBids...and when we find a match, the process would update the cost on the purchase order accordingly from the POBid.  
This process will require that the Purchase orders have not been 'printed' (sent to vendor), so we will require those purchase orders we need to check have a specific status assigned (pricecheck) as well have a new specific PO Type.  Then, we process only PO's of that type in that status, make the updates, and change the status to indicate the order has been checked and any eligible updates applied (ready to review).  


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