ID968 - Advanced Meters & DCA data

Tools like FM Audit, Print Audit & Print Fleet have a lot of useful data but getting it filtered and to the correct people can be a challenge. We also see clients where the meter table size is out of control as various tools import all meters for all devices they monitor.

This process will import meters from various DCAs as well as our other processes that import meters (ID398/ID386), store them in a temp table then only import to eAutomate the ones needed for billing, vastly reducing your meter table size.

In addition, as predictive data become available in software like HP Smart Device Service we have the potential to review the error code and meter on a device needing service, predict what part is needed and check that the assigned tech has that part in their stock. We can filter supply orders and create sales orders with a specific hold code if the customer is using too much toner. We can evaluate service data that suggest a service call is needed and email the last person who placed a service call on that device to confirm it's really a problem. We can add a link to a video showing how to repair so the tech sees it in Remote Tech.

We can also support additional DCAs like MPS Monitor, EKM Insight, & KPAX giving you the same experience regardless of the DCA.

To start the DCA process please contact your DCA provider, MPS Monitor, KPAX etc and ask for your API details. Subscribe to this process and let us know if you want to push meters in to a test DB 1st or straight to live. We will initially ask for a list of meter types to map to what we see in the DCA but we are about to release an App to allow you to update yourself.

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