Power BI - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

1. Does Power BI work for ECi Hosted clients?

Yes! We work ECi to provide us access so we can set the needed ODBC connection for you. If you are interested, please let us know at and please provide the public static IP address for your company network so that ECi can whitelist it to allow access.

This is a security requirement for ECi. The Power BI application is installed locally on your network, it is not available through the ECi Hosted remote apps. In order for them to open a route to the database, ECi will whitelist the company static IP so that only their network can reach only your database. If you already have other services like our UPS integration or Compass Sherpa that can reach your EA database from their network, then the IP is already whitelisted.

2. On Demand Refresh

You can complete an On Demand Refresh for any Power BI Report. This is done from the Workspace by clicking on the circular arrow shown when you hover over the Dataset row (not Report):


3. Updated/Enhanced report from CEO Juice released

Any time CEO Juice releases an updated/enhanced report, you will need to download the new template into Power BI desktop on the server, then save as .pbix report AND you MUST name it the exact same name (i.e. ID770, ID704 - NOT ID770-1 or ID704-2) as the previous. Otherwise you will have two different reports in Power BI. Once saved, then you can Publish to the same workspace with same title. Be sure to Update the App as well.

Step by Step instructions available here:





4.  Taking too long to load and publish:


-Are you subscribed to and on latest version of the needed ID# that corresponds to the report (i.e. ID770, ID771)?

-Do you have minimum 16GB RAM?


5. When refreshing or loading new version getting error of: ODBC: ERROR [IM002] [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified




-Our report template assumes when Power BI originally configured that the data source is set with the name “CEOJuice_BI”. Click here for instructions on how to connect Power BI. If you did not set with that data source name, then you can (1) go back and re-configure connection for everything OR (2) every time we release an updated report you will need to refresh the data source settings to auto detect the data source name you configured:





6. Power BI Reports can be linked/accessed via Teams

Please see this Microsoft link on how to embed your Power BI Reports into Microsoft Teams


7. Your company has more than one eAuto database

You will need an ODBC connection for each database. To help identify, (1) name each uniquely (i.e. CEOJuice_BI_DB1 and CEOJuice_BI_DB2) and (2) point to each eAuto server:


You will need to save the .pbit template as a .pbix file for each separate database (be sure named differently - i.e. ID771Database1 and ID771 Database2). Once you have a report for each, you will need to change the datasource for each so it points to the correct eAuto database.

In report via Power BI Desktop, select (3) Transform Data (to change datasource, see next step):


Then use (4) Data Source Settings to (5) Change Source 



(6) select appropriate datasource per database



8. Can't display visuals

Power BI Desktop is not intended for using the reports, it is intended for developers building reports. You should be accessing the Dashboard via the Power BI Service via your Office365 account, not the desktop version)



9. Gateway won't install

See THIS LINK from Microsoft. Likely issue for Ports needing to be whitelisted. That list of Ports available HERE.





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