ID771 - Service MIF & Profitability Dashboard Overview & Sample

Want to slice and dice your most profitable customers, contracts, equipment? Want to know how your segment 3 Canon models compare to Konica? Not just compare costs and profit by model, but customer satisfaction levels also. See some tips here.

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Power BI Financial Dashboard providing Service Contract MIF and Profitability. Use to analyze Top/Bottom performers at contract, customer or equipment model level. Includes KPI's to see how clicks are driving revenue and profit as well as which clicks are costing you the most.

Click here for getting Power BI in place.

Click here to download the beta file. 


Type of Output: On Demand Power BI Report

Hint follow the steps below to jump to MIF or speed up video play.


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Home Page:


Customer Level Revenue and Margin:



Contract MIF:


Top/Bottom Contributors:



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This alert has no variables



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Alert Functionality

Alert Functionality

-See here for getting Power BI in place. 

-Click here to download the beta file. 

-Real time data pulled from eAuto transactions. We do not calculate any data, we are just pulling into report format what eAuto transactions provide.

-Data includes non-metered contracts/ equipment

-Note you must be signed up for ID771 for this to install and run as we push needed support tables.



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Power BI Reporting

Power BI Reporting

-See this link on How To navigate through hierarchies :


-Use Navigation Tools at top to quickly get to different page and to see filters currently in place:

**Filters do not move from one page to the next



-Drill downs available on most pages. Click on contract to see details, including NPS Score (based on all surveys asking NPS question "Would you recommend us to a colleague or friend" at bottom:


-Contract Equipment Analysis

**Breaks down based on your Model Classes in eAuto

See here on how to update your Model Categories in eAuto:



-KPI for Cost vs Covered Clicks

See which machines are profitable, margins by model category, then see by customer breakdown



-KPI Profitability vs Covered Clicks

Underage shows exposure for competitor, Overage can help see impact of COVID




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Related Alerts

Related Alerts

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*Hint follow the steps below to jump to MIF or speed up video play.


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