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Gary is a fan of Ray's End of the day and a member of Ray's Cafe. For client's looking to get in to Managed IT he suggests you watch Ray's interview with ImageQuest.

Here is a note from Ray...


Hello, my friend,

It's Ray Stasieczko, Host of The End Of The Day With Ray! I ask Gary Lavin to forward this introduction to Ray's Cafe! My members only forum located on TEASRA, The Innovation Channel's website called Ray's Cafe! I had an in-depth conversation with Milton Bartley, the CEO/Founder of ImageQuest LLC, in the inguinal episode. Milton explained his entire deliverable. We discussed all his numbers and the transition process from a print-only dealer to one of the nation's leading MSPs.

This link will bring you to the individual member's section of the website.


Once you become a member, I will grant you access to the Ray's Cafe venue within one business day. The membership fee is only $50.00 per year and will include access to all future Ray's cafe episodes!

It was great seeing so many attend the CEO Juice CW e-automate connector webinar. I look forward to seeing some of you soon at the BTA Orlando meeting and, of course, every day on, The End Of The Day With Ray! 


Ray Stasieczko

Host of The End Of The Day With Ray!


TEASRA, The Innovation Channel LLC 

615-336-0019 cell

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