ID747 - Inserting eAuto customers in to CW Manage

Especially for clients new to ConnectWise Manage, this is a good way to push your existing IT customers into CW Manage. You choose which ones, we also include a custom property for an on demand push of a single customer. If pushing all active eAuto customers we suggest you 1st turn on process ID156 to make eAuto customers inactive so only active ones are left to insert.

This sync between eAutomate and ConnectWise updates customer information. The sync will update companies in ConnectWise from the information in eAutomate. You have the option to also insert new companies into ConnectWise.

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Updates or inserts customer information from eAutomate to ConnectWise. We believe that eAutomate should be the master for customer information, so the sync will push updates from eAutomate customer records to the company records in ConnectWise.

The information that is updated is customer name, address, city, state, zip, phone, website, and fax number. 

To run any of the sync pieces, you must be subscribed to ID747 for the customer, technician, and sales rep mapping to work correctly. You do not need to have ID747 updating the company records in ConnectWise.


Run Schedule: Every 15 minutes

Type of Output: Sync


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Variable 1: Company Type - If inserting companies into ConnectWise, enter the company type to be used.

Variable W: Territory Filter - **This variable affects all ConnectWise to eAutomate sync pieces (ID964, ID965, ID966). If you set a territory filter here, ONLY that territory will be used for all aspects of the ConnectWise sync.

Variable 8: Customer Sync Type - Choose from the drop down the type of sync you want to have in place:

Update Customers only - Only push customer updates from eAutomate to ConnectWise.

Update Customers and Locations - Push updates for both customers (Parent in eAutomate) and locations (Child in eAutomate, site in ConnectWise). 

Insert/Update Customers only - Customers from eAutomate will be inserted into ConnectWise as companies. Only parent accounts will be inserted and updated.

Insert/Update Customers and Locations - Both Parent and Child customers from eAutomate will be inserted/updated to ConnectWise. Locations in ConnectWise are Sites.


Variable 9: Customer Type - If inserting customers from eAutomate into ConnectWise, enter the customer types from eAutomate to sync over. Separate multiple values with commas. 

Variable 10: Contract Type - If inserting customers from eAutomate into ConnectWise, use this filter option to only sync customers that have an active contract of a set type.

Variable 11: Branch Filter


Variable 5: Customer # Field - Enter the field in ConnectWise where you store the eAutomate customer number. Options are:

Custom/ZCJ_CustomerNumber - Custom field created on the Company record to store the eAutomate customer number.

identifier- If you store the eAutomate customer number in the Company ID in ConnectWise, enter Identifier. **Please be aware that ConnectWise limits this field to only numbers and letters. If you have customer numbers with special characters (*, & or #) you will not be able to use this field.

accountNumber - If you store the eAutomate customer number in the Account Number field in ConnectWise, enter accountNumber. This is located in the finance section of the ConnectWise company record.



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Alert Functionality

Alert Functionality



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Best Practices & Tips

Best Practices & Tips


Custom Property Set Up

Custom Property Set Up

All three of these custom properties must be set exactly as noted below for the mapping to work properly.

There are two custom properties that need to be set up in eAutomate for the customer mapping, one for the main company number (Parent Account) and one for the sites (Child Accounts).

Company Number

Attribute name: ZCJ_CW_CompanyID

Description: ConnectWise Sync Company ID

Data type: Numeric


The value to be entered in this field is the Company_RecID number from ConnectWise:


Site Number

Attribute name: ZCJ_CW_SiteAddressRedID

Description: ConnectWise Sync Site's Address RecID

Data type: Numeric


The value to be entered is the Address RecID from the Site:


There is one custom property that is needed to map the technicians and sales reps from ConnectWise to eAutomate

Member Number

Attribute name: ZCJ_CW_EmpRecordID

Description: ConnectWise Sync Member ID

Data type: Numeric


The value to be entered in the custom property is the Member RecID from ConnectWise:




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Related Alerts

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