ConnectWise Manage inserts

We are now offering the option to have us create companies and contacts in your CW Manage DB based on eAuto data. We can insert companies, parent & child.

You can choose to just have us add companies that have a specific Contract Type in Place, Managed IT as an example, use variable 10 on ID747 for this. Or you can ask us to sync all active customers. Variable 8 lets you decide if only the Parent should sync or if you want the child location to create a site in Manage.

Option to sync all Sites for any Company that meets their filters, or only Sites that also meet the filters, independent of their parent.


We can run this in test mode where we just give you a list of what would be pushed into Manage or just create the companies. 



If the lists of States in the 2 systems don't match we can't update. In CW you don't set State on a Company/Site as a text value (GA), you pass the ID that corresponds to the GA State, we look that up based on name, if no match, no ID, no update.

Any deleted companies go to the recycle bin inside the Mass Maintenance in case it was deleted by accident. We can't push in a similar record if a deleted one exists. If you go into the Mass Maintenance screen there is the Company recycle bin and if you delete the company from there it would allow Juice to recreate it.

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