Creating an API User in Autotask

An API user is a special type of account that is required to work with Autotask PSA API's. API user accounts are free of charge. API users do not have access to the Autotask PSA UI.


To create an API User in Autotask:

1. Within Autotask PSA, navigate to Admin - Resources (Users) - New - New API User

2. In the General section, complete all fields marked as required. Set the security level to API User (system).

3. In the Credentials section, enter a Username (key) and a Password (secret). You can do this manually, or click on Generate Key and Generate Secret.

4. In the API Tracking Identifier section, click None.

5. In the Line of Business section, leave everything as is. 

6. Click Save & Close.

7. Send CEOJuice the new API user's credentials so we can confirm that we can access Autotask via the API.


For more details on this, see Autotask documentation here.

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