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When setting up Agreements in ConnectWise Manage we see dealers where there appears to be no standard as to what is or is not covered. We (and the IT industry) highly recommend that you have an agreement type for every flavor of service you offer, perhaps Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinium. 

The relationship between the agreements in ConnectWise and contracts in eAutomate requires a bit of work to make sure that everything lines up between the two systems. Once this initial work is done though, the contracts created by the sync will bill properly and not require continued maintenance.

Each agreement type in ConnectWise will tie to a contract type in eAutomate, to get the most out of the automation you want to ensure that you have all the proper agreement types set up in ConnectWise. You should have one agreement type for every "flavor" of agreement that you sell and should not have to make adjustments to rates or coverage at the agreement level. If you make any manual adjustments in ConnectWise to the agreement, you'll have to make those same manual adjustments to the contract in eAutomate.

For example, you have one agreement type called User Based, with unlimited hours that bill monthly and all work types are covered except for After Hours, Holiday and Weekend and Holiday:


When you use this agreement, most of the time you don't make changes at the agreement level...but there are clients where Onsite is not covered and for those agreements, you make the adjustment at the agreement level and move the Onsite work type to the Not Covered list:


Agreements amended in this way will have to be manually touched in eAutomate when the contract is created. The best practice in this scenario is to create a second agreement type where the Onsite work type is not covered as the default, then no adjustments would be needed at the agreement level.


Steps to review

1. Review Agreements in ConnectWise

What are all of the "flavors" of agreements that you have set up in ConnectWise? 

  • Block time or monthly services based?
  • What work roles are covered for the agreements?
  • What work types are covered for the agreements?
  • Are there overrides to the standard rates for the work roles?
  • Are there overrides to the standard rates for the work types?

Make a list of all of the different types of agreements that you have set up in ConnectWise with the related billing rates.


2. Review Agreement Types in ConnectWise

For each of the agreement types you listed in step one, is there a matching agreement type? If not, create new agreement types in ConnectWise so that you have one agreement type for every type of agreement that you have billing. This will ensure the least manual intervention needed from your staff for billing the contracts in eAutomate. Any manual adjustment made at the agreement level in ConnectWise will need to be manually made in eAutomate and we want to avoid that!


3. Check that all Work Types in ConnectWise have a matching Activity Code in eAutomate.

The work types used on the time entries in ConnectWise will push into eAutomate as activity codes on the labor entries. Every work type in ConnectWise will need a matching activity code in eAutomate.

The work types in ConnectWise are in Setup Tables > Work Types:


Activity codes in eAutomate are in Tools > Lists and Codes > Activity Codes:


The codes will need to match in each system. ConnectWise allows for more characters in this field than eAutomate does, if you have lengthy work types in ConnectWise you'll need to make sure that the first 15 characters match one activity code in eAutomate.


4. Review Bill Codes in eAutomate

Check your current bill codes that are set up in eAutomate to see if a bill code currently exists that has the proper coverage to match each agreement coverage. If there is not a current bill code, you'll need to create the bill code in eAutomate. See this link for details on creating advanced bill codes.

For example, you have an agreement type in ConnectWise where all work types are included, but Onsite time is billed at $75.00 an hour. The bill code in eAutomate would have a billing labor code that bills a regular hourly rate of $0.00, but the activity code of Onsite will bill at $75.00:


Service calls in eAutomate that have this bill code will only bill for the activity code Onsite:


Labor recorded with the activity code Remote Support will not bill:









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