Secure remote access to your server

A big percentage of the work we do for our clients is ensuring their eAutomate database is set up correctly. We tell you about a contract that is losing money, you don't understand the numbers, our fee includes us proving that data to you. This requires us to log in to your eAuto database, giving us access allows us to respond faster and results in a better experience for our clients.

We get that client's need to be careful with who has access especially as many clients are now IT providers. Through our partnership (and integration) with ConnectWise we ensure our remote access is the best possible.

We are moving all our clients to ConnectWise Control. We use ConnectWise Manage for our tickets, our password manager is Password Boss and we use 2FMA with Duo. These systems are integrated to where when you open a ticket with us, Manage knows what server to connect to and even fills in the password. Our support team do not even see the passwords and have 2FA with Duo required to login.

Our recommended setup is a dedicated VM for our software where we are admin on that box, not part of the Domian but able to connect to any servers we would support (we support CRMs and other DBs). Note if using our browser based SSRS reports with our server not on the domain then users will be prompted to login versus the report auto launching if our server is on the domain.

The ConnectWise security team have confirmed this is as secure as we can make it. We are however prepared to do online meetings with your IT if that level of security is required.

CW Control allows for multiple agents installed on the same server so if your IT need to use Control to connect to that same server it is not an issue.

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