Why Microsoft Power BI:

We evaluated many Dashboards over the years and watched as Microsoft really improved Power BI. For return on investment, it is a no-brainer. Reports can be shared in Teams channels, and once loaded in Microsoft's cloud, can be viewed anywhere. Mobile device support is excellent.

Most of our processes are "exception reports" where we are telling you about a specific issue that needs to be addressed. Some things, however, are better in a dashboard for a quick real-time snapshot. For example, with Power BI you can research your Sharp segment 3 costs compared to your Canon segment 3. You can also see how callbacks for a specific technician have been trending over the last two years or see how your numbers compare to the SBA Model. There is so much more, and you get to decide what your business needs!

We provide you with Power BI Reports, you determine what information or graphs a user wants to see and then you can build a single dashboard from multiple reports. You can find all of our Power BI Reports via and search by Tag=Power BI Reports.


We like this extensive article on Power BI.

Click here for getting Power BI in place.



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