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A popular integration with ConnectWise for clients selling telephony services is Intermedia. Agreements created with this integration sync over to e-automate with the CEOJuice agreement sync. Click here for more details on the agreement sync. These notes are a broad overview of how the integration works, please reach out to Intermedia if you have specific questions on how the integration works.

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Intermedia Integration Notes

Intermedia Integration Notes

The Intermedia API integration can create both the company and the agreement in ConnectWise for you, or you can map to existing companies and agreements in ConnectWise. This is all done in the Intermedia partner portal.

The initial sync from Intermedia creates an agreement type and a product type to be used:

   -Default Agreement Type: Intermedia

   -Default Product Type: Intermedia_Services

Once these are created, you can rename them. Make sure that there are matching contract and item templates in e-automate. Details on how to create item and contract templates here.

The billing date of the month (BDOM) is the date the account was created in the Intermedia partner portal. This is the day of the month that the contract will be billed by Intermedia each month.

The additions to the agreement in ConnectWise will always have calendar dates, 1st is the effective date, the last day of the month is the cancel date. Additions are added every month to match the Intermedia billing.


Example Billing

Example Billing

For an account created in Intermedia integration on August 4th, the BDOM will be the 4th going forward.

The first bill for the account will be on 9/4, for the billing period of 8/4 to 9/4:



Intermedia is checking for transactions that occurred between the dates of 8/4 and 9/4. Usage and permissions charges are billed in arrears (anything between 8/4 and 9/4). Monthly services are billed in advance (charges for 9/4 to 10/4).

Items added during the billing date will be prorated based on the effective date the service was added:



Within 48 hours of the billing date of the month (the 4th) the Intermedia integration updates the agreements in ConnectWise. The additions in ConnectWise will all show the effective date as the first day of the month of the current month, in this example, that month is September. Each addition will show a canceled date as the last day of the month:


Most clients wait to bill these Intermedia agreements until the first of the next month, following the update by the Intermedia integration. In this example, the agreement would invoice on 10/1, for the September charges.


To recap the billing cycle:

  • Intermedia always bills on the day of the month when the account was first created.
  • Intermedia will update the agreement in ConnectWise on the BDOM.
  • The month in which the agreement is updated by Intermedia indicates the month that ConnectWise will bill for.
    • Agreements updated on any date between September 1st and 30th will reflect an effective date on the additions of 9/1 and a canceled date of 9/30.
  • These agreements are usually then billed in ConnectWise on the first of the next month, allowing time for the Intermedia integration to properly update the agreements.


Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

  • If possible, don't start agreements in the last 5-6 days of the month. Doing so may cause the agreement to not get updated in ConnectWise before the first of the next month, causing issues with the dates on the agreement additions.
  • The billing period dates on the explanation of charges from Intermedia will not match up to the dates on the ConnectWise additions, this is due to the fact that ConnectWise only allows for billing in full months. 
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