ID962 AutoTask Customer sync, 1st AT sync to implement

Our AutoTask sync will mirror our ConnectWise sync. There will be 5 modules, Customers, Contracts, Sales Orders, Tickets and Moving Calls. The Customer sync needs to be in place 1st, Contract sync has the biggest ROI and is the most popular. Note you need to be invoicing your contracts in AT to implement this and getting contracts set up to auto update and invoice in AT will generally be your 1st step. If new to AT your 1st step may be having us push your IT customers in to AT.


  1. Let us know which field in AT you store your eAutomate customer number.
  2. Get CEO Juice API access to your AT, details here.
  3. Get Juice access to a test eAuto DB that will not be refreshed.
  4. Restore a copy of the Juice DB, details here.
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