Creating Equipment Records Using Base Engine with Speed License

Rather than creating multiple engines for machines of different speeds, Kyocera has a new business practice of shipping a base model engine which can be upgraded to a faster model by the purchase of a speed license.  This can make it difficult to add the engine to inventory, as it becomes a different model once the speed license is added to the base model.  Below are two methods of creating equipment records that are composed of a base engine with a speed license.


Speed License as Host Equipment

CEO Juice recommendation in this scenario is to make the speed license the host equipment using the serial number of the base model engine.  The engine can then be added as an accessory to the speed license host equipment.


This process may create equipment records for both the speed license and the engine.  The equipment record for the engine should be inactivated so it will not appear in drop down menus when selecting equipment.  If you will never sell the base model without a speed license, the item used for the base model can be created without an equipment code, which will prevent a second equipment record from being created for the engine


Assembly Process

Jeff Taylor and Leighann Estes from Capital Business Machines shared how they use the Assembly function to create the Equipment.  Below are the steps taken to create a TA3554ci machine which is composed of a TA2554ci plus a speed license:

  1. Set up an Item Record in the system for the TA3554ci machine. 
  2. Go to the Assemble Kits tab and add the TA2554ci item and the 2254. 
  3. Assemble the kit using the serial number for the TA2554ci on the TA3554ci assembled machine because that is the serial number on the outside of the box
  4. Put the TA3554ci on the sales order.  This brings across the cost for both the TA2554ci base machine and the speed license and creates the equipment record in the system for the TA3554ci. 
  5. The only problem is it creates two equipment records with the same serial number.  I inactivate the equipment record for the TA2554ci and only the TA3554ci has an equipment ID entered.  The TA2554ci still has the EQ # that the system generates.
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