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This process integrates with the FM Audit API (whether you host your data locally on your network, or in the cloud), and is required for any other CEO Juice process which will leverage FM Audit data. Data brought down includes information on Customers, Equipment, Meters, Supply/Service alerts, and Supply levels. This data can be leveraged by other processes in our catalogue, for instance ID968/MeterReads and ID742/SalesQuotes, both of which insert data into e-automate based on the data in FM Audit. Other processes can monitor the FM Audit data and alert or report on problems and trends.


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Variable2: Enter your Dealer Account


VariableZ: Once you have entered your FMAudit credentials in Profile/Integrations (see below), then use drop down in variable to point to those credentials.


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Connection / API

1. We need your FM Audit Account and a User created for us to be entered by you on our website and set up as shown below. The user entering on our website will need 'Customer Admin' security role - ask us at if you need to know who has.

*We can integrate regardless of whether your FMAudit is hosted locally or on the cloud.

Please enter credentials on our website ( via Profile / Integrations:




Please be sure to select SAVE:


Central URL:

Enter the URL for your Printanista account:

Will be like



User Name and User Password:

Please create a unique User Name (and password) for us. This user MUST have Administrator credentials (this is the only security level that has been tested to ensure everything pushes to our integration).

2. Link that integration to VariableZ on your ID29 subscription  (be sure you have Variable2 populated as well):




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Related Alerts

Related Alerts

ID742 - Convert Sales Quotes for specified CreatorID(s) to Sales Orders

ID968 - Advanced Meters DCA Data

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