ID407 - Outstanding Invoice/Credit Past Due X Days Overview & Sample:

A weekly alert showing outstanding invoices and negative balances due.

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To identify all open AR transactions older than the number of days specified where the amount due is greater than amount specified. Will optionally include unapplied credit memos as well. 

Run Schedule: Weekly Friday AM

Type of Output: Email


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Variable W: Enter Number of Days Past Due for alert to consider, (Required)

Variable X: Enter Amount Due > $00.00, and applies to credit memo/negative minimum amounts due (please include decimals), (Required)

Variable Y: Enter 'Trans' to pull Sales Rep data from the specific invoice triggering OR enter 'Cust' to pull Sales Rep from Customer Record. This determines which Sales Rep to use when sending alert to Sales Rep and/or Sales Rep Manager. (Required)


Variable 1: Enter 'Exclude' to exclude credit memos; otherwise leave blank or 'Include' to include them (Required). Defaults to 'Include' if left blank

Variable 2: Enter string to filter Invoice Number "contains" or leave blank to include all Invoice numbers (Example: enter CW to report on any invoice with CW anywhere in the Invoice #)

Variable Z: Branch Numbers for alert to trigger on (leave blank for ALL)


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Alert Functionality

-Alert only considers invoices, credit memos, it does NOT report on unapplied payments.

-If you've select to have Credit Memos included via Variable1, alert will actually consider any invoice where Due Amount is negative, not just Credit Memos. The minimum $00.00 you've listed in VariableX applies to Credit Memos/Amount Due the same. So if you have $100.00 for minimum dollar amount to consider, then alert will only include minimum amount due of -$100.00 or less and $100.00 or more.


-Alert sorts by Bill To Customer Name, then Customer Name, then Invoice Number

-Any email address(es) listed in To/CC/BCC of subscription will be included when email also sending to Sales Rep / Sales Manager:



-Alert can be cloned, so you can have multiple subscriptions running at the same time enabling you to have different recipients receive the alert based on different variable settings. This will ONLY work if you have at least on variable set differently for each subscription. To create a clone, just select the plus + sign below your existing subscription:



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Best Practices & Tips

None needed at this time


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