ID477 - Tracking Invoices Coming Due, Overview and Sample

An alert that runs every morning M-F and shows you all the invoices with any one of several strings (VariableW) in the Blanket PO Field, a date of VariableX relative to the Invoice Due Date and an Amount Due > VariableY. The intent is to be able to track invoices from time of creation, whether for a manual credit card process, salesrep followup if unpaid, or any other 'extra-special' customer service need. Initial client use will be a manual process for remembering to bill customer credit cards at time of Invoice Due.

Output of alert is in invoice number order.  Copying to excel and sorting by $due will give you a good starting place for collections (whether it's just having the sales person touch base to make sure everything is ok to making sure the invoice is in line for payment.

ID477 lists the Invoice Number, Customer Name, PO Number Field, Amount Due, and Date Due


Variables include:

Var W = Blanket PO field strings to check for (separated by a comma)

VarX  = Date to trigger, relative to Invoice Due Date (-5 for five days before, 5 for five days after)

VarY  = Amount due > $

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