ID398 - Update Meters from Emails Overview

Dealers have lots of options for getting meters needed for billing, here is one more.

Most new digital copiers can be set up to email a meter reading to a specific address, perhaps This process will check your mailbox for new emails, parse them, insert meter readings in eAuto, mark the emails as “read”, and move them to a destination folder. Any email that cannot be processed (body doesn’t match the format expected, serial number can’t be found, etc.) will remain in the inbox, so someone should take a look at it periodically to handle the exceptions.

As of Jan 2021, we have the following parsing available for these manufacturers: Sharp, Kyocera, KonicaMinolta, Savin/Ricoh. We are unable to parse emails for Canon as too complex to parse, (i.e. name of meter B/W vs Black & White).

**We recommend you create a new Meter Source in eAutomate called ID398.**

If you use eAgent to send meter requests that your customers reply to with the meters entered, then please see alert ID386 for this process.

Also consider ID396 which tells techs when they are dispatched to a unit where meter collection has been a problem.


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Before subscribing to this alert, please review these STRICT REQUIREMENTS/PREREQUISITES for this alert:

  1. Net 4.7 or higher MUST be installed on the CEO Juice server
  2. The email box collecting these meter reading responses will need to be unique for each manufacturer. We can't access an email box with varying types of emails in it and filter through them. We suggest, if needed, please create a rule in your general email box moving/redirecting these devices reported meter reading responses to its own unique mailbox by manufacturer (i.e. KonicaMinolta, Sharp). That unique mailbox will be where our alert will go to per your variable settings. We will need to create an alert for each manufacturer.
  3. The setup of this alert process will need to involve IT department and your meter reading department for this process to work for such things as email box access, passwords, review, etc.
  4. An important aspect to this alert process is there is always still requirement of staff to watch the email mailbox daily, human oversight is still required. Staff will need to monitor the email box daily to catch errors and unread emails daily (perhaps at end of day). The alert process ONLY considers unread emails.
  5. Since the device is reporting the meter reading(s), it is not CEO Juice responsibility to ensure these meter readings are correct. Devices are programmed to report meter readings and it is not CEO Juice responsibility to ensure the meter reading(s) parsed from the emailed report are calculated correctly. You will need to verify the meters entered in eAuto through our alert process in fact are correctly calculating (i.e. adding multiple reported color meters to determine total color meter count). CEO Juice is not held liable for any meters reported through this process that are incorrectly reported to you. It is imperative your staff review meter readings and ensure your meter reading validation set up in eAuto is in place to meet your meter billing requirements.
  6. The alert process cannot support any machine that has multiple meters of the same meter type category (color, black/white). For example, Canon often has multiple color meters. The only work around is for your eAuto meter type categories to match exactly to what the meter description on the email from the device report is so we can match directly. Alert logic considers meter type category (not description).
  7. Meter types set as virtual can not be handled by this alert process.
  8. Please note, this alert process is not like automated meter capture software (i.e. FM Audit, PrintFleet) as there is NO direct link between the machine and our alert process. We are just picking up emails and the content within that email.
  9. Emails are parsed hourly.

  **Please also note if meters do come through via our alert process, but come through as not billable, eAuto is likely catching them through its meter validation buffer. For example, meters reported frequently may not pass eAuto's validation buffer because eAuto will recalculate the average monthly volume based on days in between meters. So when meters get pushed in often, it can make eAuto think the device is averaging more copies than usual if they do a lot of copies within a couple days. (We recommend meters only come from the device weekly, not daily.)**


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IT Dept

IT Dept


This alert requires information from your IT Department, so please consult with them to update your variable settings.

Every variable for this alert is required. We will need access to the email, so please either install the mail client on the juice box or make it browser accessible (and let us know).

Below are variables your IT Dept will need to provide info for:

We will need access to the email, so please either install the mail client on the juice box or make it browser accessible (and let us know).

VariableX: Mail Server Connection? ExchangeEWS OR ExchangeWebDAV OR Imap4 OR Pop3

Variable2: DNS Name or IP Address for your mail server (URL we need to access mailbox on the server we have access to)

Variable4: Port to be used when connecting to the mail server

Variable5: Use an encrypted connection to communicate with the mail server? 1 = yes, 0 = no

Variable6: Username for connecting to the mail server (this should correspond to the email address that eAgent uses to send meter request emails FROM, since that’s where responses will be sent)

Variable7: Password for connecting to the mail server

Variable9: Delete emails after successfully inserting a meter reading? 1 = yes, 0 = no

Variable10: Move emails after successfully inserting a meter reading? 1= yes, 0 = no

Variable11: If moving processed emails, to what folder?

VariableY: Move emails unable to process to folder specified in VariableZ, 1 = Yes, 0 = No

VariableZ: Name of email Failure Folder

**We highly recommend moving any emails our alert is unable to process as this will help a user quickly and easily identify what emails need to be manually entered and/or reviewed.**


Below are variables your eAuto administrator will need to provide info for:

Variable1: Validate for billing? 1 = yes, 0 = no (this will tell alert whether to automatically indicate the meter is valid for billing)

Variable3: The email address the meter will be sent to (will need to be unique for each manufacturer if multiple manufacturer emails going into the same email box.)

Variable12: Meter Source (we recommend created ID386 in eAuto and listing in this variable) 



Meters Not Updating/Populating into eAuto?

The alert process will ONLY consider unread emails.

If you have unread emails in your InBox from the day before, then, it is either (1) wrong TO: address (per Variable3 on your ID398 subscription OR (2) email doesn't parse into an email using the parser selected in Variable8 of your subscription

Emails in your Fail subfolder indicate the email was parsed/processed, but couldn't insert the meter into eAuto. Typically for these reasons: serial number not found or eAuto rejected the meter reading value via eAuto's internal meter validation procedures

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