ECi Hosted Clients Launching CEO Juice SSRS Reports & Apps

As of e-automate version 23.0, users access their CEO Juice SSRS Reports and Apps from the Remote Applications screen within your ECI hosted environment (using your Add-in manager will no longer work):



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SSRS Reports

SSRS Reports

1. For new users, you will need to complete one-time set on their eAuto Employee Record. Go to their Employee Record Custom Properties tab.

2. In Custom Property ZCJDomainUserID enter: ecihosted\username

**The ECi login name is typically (first name.last name)

3. Be sure to hit OK to save.

4. Once the Employee Record is set, then user can access SSRS Reports via Remote Applications link in the ECi hosted environment:


5. User will see a listing of all SSRS Reports your company is subscribed to, similar to screenshot below. As your company subscribes to more CEO Juice SSRS Reports, they will automatically be installed at this location:


6. The user's permissions for e-automate determines which reports they will be able to run. For example, if the user has e-automate permissions to run Service Reports, then the user will be able to run any SSRS Reports that are for service. The name of each SSRS Report starts with the type of reports permission required. For example, [Service] Technician Productivity - ID204 requires the user have permissions to run Service Reports in e-automate.

7. If a user gets a 'ReportSecurity' error when running a report, then go to your [Test] SSRS Security Rights - ID708 to determine what is needed. Use THIS LINK to learn how this one works.


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1. Apps are accessed from inside the ECi hosted environment at Remote Applications: 


2. You will see a listing of all Apps your company is subscribed to. As your company subscribes to more CEO Juice Apps, they will automatically be installed at this location:


3. For new users (or if you receive a security error when trying to access an app), the Main Juice Contact will need to provide permissions to access each app. Please email to find out who that is.  

4. To provide a user access to any app, go to the Security App:


5. Select Add User - enter ecihosted\username


6. Enter ecihosted\User.Name:

**The ECi login name is typically (first name.last name)


7. Assign rights access for an app to the user by clicking the + button.

**Red means user currently does not have access to that app



8. Remove access to an app by clicking the - button

**Green means user currently has access to that app



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