ID708 - SSRS Reports User Rights

This simple SSRS report, which can be run by any user able to access the SSRS server, will show what permissions different e-automate users have to the CEOJuice SSRS reports based on their report permissions in e-automate generally and the proper set-up of the custom property on their Employee Record.

**We automatically install this for all of our auto deploy clients with SSRS Reports**


This section shows e-auto users that have a DOMAIN\USER entered in the employee custom property (ZCJDomainUserID). Each report has an ID and this grid shows which users can access the identified reports. The Green "Y" means the user has access, and the Red "N" means the user doesn't have access to that report.

1. is the e-automate User Name from the Employee Record

2. is the User ID from the Employee Record

3. is how the Custom Property ZCJDomainUserID is currently set on the e-automate Employee Record


This section shows the list of report ID's and the security required in e-automate to view the report. For reports that have multiple Secured Objects (i.e. SCReports, GLReports), it means the user can access the report if they have access to at least one item on the list.



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