ECi Hosted Clients Launching SSRS Reports

For ECi hosted clients to access SSRS Reports:

1. please contact for your unique URL

2. Once you have the URL, please follow THIS LINK which contains instructions on setting up the quick link in eAuto to SSRS Reports.

(be sure your Add-in manager does NOT have check mark by 'Open URL in e-Automate'):


3. Once the quick link via Add-in manager has been added, please set up user eAuto Employee Record with Custom PropertyZCJDomainUserID: 

The format MUST be:   ecihosted\username

Username = ECI Hosted LogIn UserName (not your eAuto UserID nor your windows login name)


4. Once eAuto Employee Record is set, please make sure user has needed eAuto permissions (i.e. SC Reports, GL Reports) as shown HERE

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