ID541 - Items Pending in ILC Queue Overview & Sample:

This alert monitors your ILC queue, as it is possible for a user to pull records into their portion of the queue and forget about them/go home sick/etc. Once pulled into the queue they are not visible to other users. The alert sends a daily overview showing who has records in the queue and how long the oldest record has been there. It will also send a list of queue items over VariableW days old to the user and the user's manager (per e-automate Employee Record). This assumes the Employee's UserID has been properly linked to their Employee Record (see ID221 to notified of those missing link.

There are two emails. The first is sent daily, assuming any users have items in their ILC queue when it fires (will fire early mornings). The first output lists all users with records in queue, how many and the date of the oldest one.



The second output is controlled by VariableW, it will send a list of all queue items for any user who has ANY item in their queue more than VariableW days old (default is 2 days). It will send to anyone listed in to: and/or cc: of the subscription. It will also send to creator and their manager per the Employee Record if ToCreator is checked.


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