Security for SSRS Reports & Custom Property Set Up

We have moved many of our reports from Crystal to SQL Reporting Service (SSRS). Crystal Reports are run from e-automate, so security is handled by e-automate. SSRS reports, however, are run from a browser so we have implemented security.


You need to assign the Custom Property on the e-auto Employee file called ZCJDomainUserID to any EA user who will need access to run these report. 

Format:  Domain\username (FYI no .com needed in domain name)

Company Domain: If you don't know your domain name, from the start menu choose my computer, right click and choose properties, you should see your domain name near the bottom.

Username = Windows LogIn Name

EA Login User ID must be linked in your employee record


*NOTE: for ECi hosted clients the format is ecihosted\username. Please see THIS LINK for specific instructions for ECi hosted clients set up for SSRS Reports

Important Notes:

1. SSRS Reports can only be accessed via Internet Explorer (version 7 or higher) as your browser, Click here if you are having IE-related issues.

2. All clients using SSRS Reports have ID708/SSRS User Rights listed under SSRS Reports. Please use this tool to confirm users are set up (per instructions below) and the corresponding e-auto permissions are granted to access varying SSRS Reports. Here is a typical error indicating a user needs set up:


3. We manage security by linking your Windows domain and username (domain\username) to your e-automate user ID. Users will need e-auto permissions to access the module's reports (i.e. Service Reports, Financial Reports). The name in brackets before the SSRS Report Name indicates which module.

 4. Note: This simply links your e-automate rights to the SSRS report. If you don't have appropriate rights in e-automate, our report will not run. It will give you a message explaining rights needed. For example, the Contract MIF Report requires e-auto permissions to Service Reports:

Below is listing of e-auto permissions ("View" rights) needed for each of our SSRS Reports:

ID46/Warehouse Activity - Service Reports

ID150/Contract Profitability - GL Reports or Service Reports

ID204/Tech Productivity - Service Reports

ID205/Tech Time Log  - Service Reports or GL Reports

ID206/CallBack Detail - Service Reports

ID258 (ID36)/Customer Business Review - Service Contract Reports

ID412/Invoice Cost Center Breakdown - Service Contract Reports

ID500/Obsolete Inventory - Inventory Reports

ID557/Monthly Survey Results - Sales Analysis or Service Reports

ID587/Contracts Lost and Won - GL or Service Reports

ID674/Customer Service History - Service Contract Reports

ID683/MIF Sales Opportunity Value - Sales Order Reports

ID877/Survey Responses - Service Contract Reports

ID900/Financial Performance Benchmarking - GL Reports

ID932/ITT Ship Out Agreement - Sales Analysis Reports

ID944/Service Call Metrics - Service Reports

ID945/Ship In Ship Out Dealers - Service Reports

ID950/Parts to Harvest from Model - Inventory Reports


Are you missing the Custom Property in e-automate?

Step 1: Go to Lists & Codes to create a new Attribute named ZCJDomainUserID (ensure Data type is Text Box):

Step 2:

Add this attribute as a Configuration to your Employee configuration:



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