Security for SSRS Reports & Custom Property Set Up

We have moved many of our reports from Crystal to SQL Reporting Service (SSRS). Crystal Reports are run from eAutomate so security is handled by eAutomate, SSRS reports however are run from a browser so we have implemented security.


You need to assign the Custom Property on the eAuto Employee file called ZCJDomainUserID to any EA user who will need access to run these report. 

Format:  Domain\username

Company Domain: If you don't know your domain name, from the start menu choose my computer, right click and choose properties, you should see your domain name near the bottom.

Username = Windows LogIn Name

Login User ID must be linked


*NOTE: ECi hosted clients format is ecihosted\username. Please see THIS LINK for specific instructions for ECi hosted clients set up for SSRS Reports

Important Notes:

1. SSRS Reports can only be accessed via Internet Explorer (version 7 or higher) as your browser, Click here if you are having IE related issues.

2. All clients using SSRS Reports have ID708/SSRS User Rights listed under SSRS Reports. Please use this tool to confirm users are set up (per instructions below) and the corresponding eAuto permissions are granted to access varying SSRS Reports. Typical error indicating user needs set up


3. We manage security by linking your windows domain and username name (domain\username) to your eAutomate user ID. Users will need eAuto permissions to access the Module's Reports (i.e. Service Reports, Financial Reports). The name in brackets before the SSRS Report Name indicates which module.

 4.Note this simply links your eAutomate rights to the SSRS report, if you don't have appropriate rights in eAutomate, our report will not run. It will give you a message explaining rights needed. For example, the Contract MIF Report requires eAuto permissions to Service Reports:

Below is listing of eAuto permissions (view rights please) needed for each of our SSRS Reports:

ID150/Contract Profitability - GL Reports

ID204/Tech Productivity - Service Reports

ID205/Tech Time Log  - Service Reports OR GL Reports

ID206/CallBack Detail - Service Reports

ID258 (ID36)/Customer Business Review - Service Contract Reports

ID412/Invoice Cost Center Breakdown - Service Contract Reports

ID557/Monthly Survey Results - SA or Service Reports

ID587/Contracts Lost and Won - GL OR Service Reports

ID674/Customer Service History - Service Contract Reports

ID900/Financial Performance Benchmarking - GL Reports

ID932/ITT Ship Out Agreement - Sales Analysis Reports


Are you missing the Custom Property in eAuto?

Step 1: Go to Lists & Codes to create new Attribute name of ZCJDomainUserID (ensure Data type is Text Box):

Step 2:

Add this attribute as a Configuration to Employee configuration:



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