ID443 - Alert at the End of the Day for Closed Calls with Equipment Still Under Warranty Overview & Sample:

Alert for all closed calls for the cycle set in VariableW (Daily/Weekly/Monthly) where the equipment is still under warranty (the equipment record warranty date is greater than today). The report will show EquipmentID#, Customer, Make, Model, SN#, Machine Install Date, Warranty Expiration Date, Service Call Close Date, Tech, Call Type, Problem Code, Solution Code, Labor hours and all Parts used. This information will be used to possibly fill out any warranty claims with the manufacturer.

The alert will not fire on a call without labor, but will fire on any call type category with parts attached. If labor-only then it only considers Corrective Maintenance.

Please note this alert will send blank report attached when there are no qualifying records to report on. This is a limitation with Crystal Reports.

Please also see ID561 which fires when the call is opened, so action can be taken based on the fact that it’s a warranty call. ID443 is an alert for when a warranty call is closed.

This alert requires the Warranty Expiration date be populated on Equipment Record:




You can also see at a quick glance any equipment under warranty via Equipment filter in eAuto:



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