eAutomate Import and Export Utilities

eAutomate comes with quite a few spreadsheets that can be used to both import and export data to and out of eAutomate.  Below is a list of the Import and Export Utilities available within ECi's eAutomate package, as well as where they can typically be found on the server.  Please note that the Contract Import Utility is not listed as you will need to request that one from ECI if you would like it.  More information on the ECi Contract Import Utility can be found by clicking here

Utility List.jpg


Tips and Tricks

Using multiple monitors and finding you are unable to click on the Utility icons to process the macros to push data into eAutomate?  Try moving the Excel utility to another screen.  If this fixes the issue, the following steps can be taken in Excel to correct for future:

1. Open Excel

2. Go to File, then Choose Options

3. Under the General tab/User Interface options, update 'When Using Multiple Displays' option to 'Optimize for Compatability'

Utility Excel Fix.jpg

4. Restart Excel

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