ECi Contract Import Utility

ECi provides a free Contract Import Utility. 

The Contract Import Utility (CIU) is an e-automate add-in tool that enables you to create Installment Based Billing contracts from:

·           Digital Quote Manager quotes

·           Sales orders

·           Sales invoices

·           Pre-populated tab-delimited text files

·           Starting from a blank contract

Using the Contract Import Utility, the information from these transactions is imported into a contract import record within the Contract Import Utility. You can then make any changes or add any additional information to the contract import record and, then, submit the import record to e-automate to be created into a contract in your e-automate database.

The power of the Contract Import Utility is in its ability to gather information at various points in the sales process and to automatically turn that information into contracts with minimum user input. The Contract Import Utility is designed to allow you to enter some data into a contract now, save it, and come back later to finish creating the contract. Contracts are not actually created until you click the [Create contract] button. Until that point, the entry records are in a temporary state and are not yet considered contracts. This process significantly reduces the manual work required to create contract records in e-automate and helps reduce hard copy records thereby keeping your workflow moving quickly and efficiently. There is no need to wait for the entire sales and delivery process to be complete before you begin processing a contract.

When you open the Contract Import Utility for the first time, you will see a blank list. From this list window you can create additional statuses to assign to contract import records, delete contract import records, and copy existing import records to use for similar contracts.

The Contract Import Utility Basic is automatically installed with this version of e-automate. In order for you to access the Contract Import Utility Basic functionality, you simply need to place the menu option on your e-automate Tools menu. Use the following instructions to add the Contract Import Utility to your e-automate menu Tools menu.

Details on accessing available here:

Please click here for a full list of Import and Export Utilities as well as additional helpful tips.

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