PM Overview: Set PM schedules, Set eAgent to Auto Create Calls, and bulk update EQ records

1. How to Set Up and Configure PM Schedules in eAutomate:

a) Under Tools\Options\Service Calls\Additional Options there is a setting to Roll the preventative maintenance date forward. You have the option of rolling it forward based on the Service call close date or the Preventative maintenance due date.

Most clients select the Service call close date because it is rare that the PM is actually done on the exact PM due date.

b) If you want to schedule your PM's based on meters then you need to enable this option in the Model records you wish to track PM's by clicks. The PM due meter should be the meter of the first PM cycle for that model. The PM interval clicks should be the clicks in between PM cycles.

c) You need to configure your equipment records for how you want to track PM's for that specific piece of equipment. You have the option to track by date or by clicks.

2. eAgent Task to Auto Create PM Service Calls:

Once you have your PM settings configured in EA, you can create an Eagent task to automatically create PM service calls based on your settings.

a) Open Eagent and click New, you will see a task called Auto Create PM Calls.

b) In the Filters tab, Set how the task will choose the calls, either by meter or due date. You can create one eagent task for PM calls you want created by meters and a second eagent task for PM calls you want created based on date.

c) Use the advanced filters on customers, contracts, equipment or territories to limit which ones have a PM call created for. For example, if you only wanted to create PM calls for a specific model at a time, use the advanced filter on equipment and filter to that model only. Or if you only wanted to create PM calls for a specific contract type, use the advanced contracts filter and filter to that contract type only.

d)  Under 'notification email' assign the email you want the notification to go to.

e) In the Defaults tab of the Eagent task assign what Call Type you want the PM calls to be created with.

f) You can set an On Hold Code so that the call is immediately put on hold when it is created so you can stop the clock on your response time.

g) You can set the default tech for the PM calls to be assigned to and create a description the calls will be populated with. 

3. How to bulk update your equipment records with a PM Schedule Assigned:

EAutomate has a Bulk Update option to help with ensuring your EQ records are set up correctly. Under Tools / Bulk Updates, select update list 'Equipment', use Quicksearch to define your equipment record list i.e. a specific customer. In the drop down select either PM Date Interval or PM Due Date



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