ID454 - Ensure Clients paying credit card are charged at time of invoice Overview & Sample

This automation identifies any client that is set to be billed via credit card. Some AR departments don't always catch invoices that should be billed to credit card immediately and as a result payments are allowed to go past due without notice. This ensures that clients who request to pay credit card will actually be charged at time of invoice. 

**Please note if you don't use eAuto to process credit card charges, to invoice transactions you just enter the info in the required fields (the ones with a * next to them) and click ok. It will probably throw an error saying it couldn't be processed but you just click ok on that error and continue.

This alert looks back 5-days to report on any invoices with Credit Card/ACH PaymentMethod. If an invoice is back dated by more than 5-days, then the alert will miss reporting you this invoice.

Alert looks at Charge Method listed on Customer Record:

AND will notify you each time an invoice is generated for that account.



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