ID461 - Invoiced Customer has Unapplied Credit Overview & Sample

This alert advises hourly of any invoice(s) generated for customer with an open credit/payment on their account. Best reviewed before your eAgent task sends/prints invoices so credit can be applied and reflected on invoice balance. 

Alert considers BillTo Customer Number to look for open credits. If you use pencil edit option in eAuto, this will break the connection of BillTo in eAuto's background tables, causing this alert to NOT identify.

Note: The alert will report if ANY of these conditions exist: Unapplied Payment, Open Credit Memo, Negative Invoices, Misc Charge Credit Memo, etc. (The account balance does not have to be negative (a credit)


Use VariableW to exclude specified Customer Types from being reported on (i.e. Leasing)


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