ID339 - AP Alert on Expected Qty (W) of Invoices in Specified Last XX Months Overview & Sample:

This alert is to help monitor where you receive a known qty of invoices from a vendor over a period and you need to know if the expected qty has not been met (like monthly phone bill would be qty 1 for 1 month...annual maintenance would be qty 1 for 12 months...etc...). This will also alert if the expected invoice $$ amount does not match any actual invoice by the percent you specify in the custom properties as well. We will create 4 custom properties to assign to any vendor you can apply this logic to 1. quantity of invoices expected from a vendor (to use when you should always get 1 per month) 2. Number of months to scan backwards for expected quantity of invoices. 3. Amount of invoice (if you want to make sure that every invoice posted for that vendor is the same amount. Like rent should be the same amount every month) 4. Percentage variance in the amount of the invoice from an expected amount (when they are not always the same but they should be in a reasonable range of each other) 



Variable Set Up & Explanation:

The alert uses four Custom Properties assigned at the Vendor level. The alert assumes that each vendor is only providing one invoice for routine services/products at regular intervals. Examples would be rent (monthly), pest control (quarterly), or association dues (annually). It doesn't work for vendors providing invoices on a PO basis. The alert is designed to advise you if these invoices are not received (more specifically if they're not posted to payables in timely fashion). You populate the four Custom Props as two sets of two - 1) how often you expect the invoice, and 2) the expected $ amount of the invoice. The first two Custom Props are:



Use these as a ratio: You expect (Number of Invoices) every (Months Back) # of months. If the vendor bills quarterly set these (inside the Vendor Record in e-automate) as '1' and '3', respectively, indicating that you expect one new invoice every three months. If the alert doesn't see one new invoice in the last three months you'll get an e-mail.

The second set of Custom Props are:



These Custom Props are used to make sure that any invoices entered are of the correct amount. If the invoice amount is alway static (rent is always $X/month) put that value under 'InvoiceAmountExpected' and you're done. If an invoice is entered for any other amount (for instance an unannounced increase) the alert will let you know. If some variance is expected (for instance a quarterly invoice based on # of days in the quarter), put the allowed variance (as an integer) into 'Variance to ExpAmt.' As an example, if you want to know if your quarterly $300 invoice for pest control varies from expected by more than five percent, put '300' and '5' into the variables respectively. You can use all four Custom Props on one vendor, for the pest control example above your complete variable set would be:

VariableW: 'ZCJ_NumberOfInvoicesExpected' = 1

VariableX: 'ZCJ_MonthsBacktoCountInvoices' = 3

VariableY: 'ZCJ_InvoiceAmountExpected' = 300

VariableZ: 'ZCJ_VarianceToExpAmt' = 5


Example of setting up CEOJuice as a Vendor; amount of $500, one invoice expected monthly, with 0% variance expected


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