ID766 - Customer Contact not Associated to Customer Overview & Sample:

(V8.0+) Alert Purpose Updated 9/10/15

The function of this alert is to advise you of ALL Active Contacts which are not associated to at least one Customer Record via the Customers tab of the Contact Record. If they’re not linked they’re not good for much and are probably incomplete or just clutter. In eAuto 8.0+, Contact Records are NOT required to be linked to Customer Record, which is causing certain eAgent and AR/AP tasks to fail.

If you want the alert to ignore certain Contacts, then create a unique contact category to assign those and designate in VariableW of this alert that category and those contacts will be ignored.

Contact Record below is missing an associated Customer Record:

This Contact Record shows correct association to Customer Record:

See ID387 to address Customer AR Contacts missing an email address

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