ID107 - Tracking Credit Memos and Voided Invoices Overview & Sample:

If you want to track Credit Memos created today and by whom then you need alert ID107. This alert emails you a list of all credit memos created that day and which user created it. Keep in mind this alert includes anything created in the CM type category, which includes voids and all other credit memos.

Sample of ID107:


If you would like to just track voided invoices then we are working on alert ID719. This alert will only trigger on voided invoices. It will also show which user did the void. This alert is currently in development. If you would like this alert then please subscribe now and once it's complete we will install it on your system. 

This alert looks back 4-days for credit memos it has not yet reported on (if firing daily) or 6-days if firing weekly. **Please note: we are looking at createdate and not credit memo date, so if users are back dating credit memos it will look like the alert is reporting on old credit memo's.

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