ID21 - AR Past Due Customer Not Contacted Overview & Sample:

This alert is to ensure that all customers who have a past due balance with you are being chased for payment. Best Practices says your AR person should be using the Accounts Receivable console in eAutomate to track notes, phone calls etc.

**Please see THIS LINK for Best Practices for AR Tasks**

This alert will track customers who have a past due balance but no tasks within the AR Console of eAutomate with the option to tweak for minimum balance etc.

**We recommend alerts ID604 and ID605 to help with automating the opening and closing of tasks. Click HERE for those details. And use ID182 to ensure the AR person is completing their tasks and not just leaving them open.

Output Sample with explanation:



  1. The percentage of outstanding invoices over 60 days old
  2. The average Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)
  3. Accounts Receivable balance 31-60 days old
  4. Accounts Receivable balance 61-90 days old
  5. Accounts Receivable balance more than 90 days old
  6. Last note listed in tasks within AR Console
  7. Date of last note listed in tasks within AR Console


Variable Explanation:

VariableW - No completed Tasks in W Days

VariableX - ZCJARNoteDaysOverride Customer custom property for #Days No Note override (NOTE: a zero in the Custom Prop setting does not mean "do not trigger", it means no setting and the alert will trigger for that customer per VariableW. If you want a customer to never trigger this alert (a bad idea, in our opinion) set it to 9,999. **can not set to more than 9,999 as alert logic will fail and alert will not fire

VariableY - #Days Bucket for balance older than (must be 30, 60, 90 or blank)

VariableZ - Total Past Due Amount > $$$.

Variable1 - TaskType(s) (list separated by commas) to consider as 'contacting for collection', or left blank to consider ALL

Variable2 - BranchNumbers for alert to trigger on, separated by comma, or left blank for ALL

Variable3 allows you to push a certain customer type to the bottom of the report. This would be for Customer Types that you handle differently than your normal account base. i.e. Leasing companies.


 See HERE for AR Tasks Best Practices


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