ID70 - Update eAutomate Branch Holidays

Your service metrics rely heavily on your eAutomate Service Hours and Holidays. Without these hours and days properly accounted for, your response times and inoperable hours will be significantly skewed. This alert is an annual reminder to review and set up these hours for the upcoming new year and includes a link to instructions on properly recording in eAuto.

Usual holidays:

New Year’s Day

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day & Friday After

Christmas Eve Day & Christmas Day


eAutomate (8.0 and above)

From the 'Tools' menu, select 'Options'.  Go to the 'Company' and then at the top select 'Edit Main Branch Settings':


For eAuto 8.7 and above, it is listed under 'Service Hours' and select the icon the right to 'Edit':



For eAuto 8.5 and below, it is listed under 'Service Hours' and select the icon the right to 'Edit':



Click on the 'Holidays' tab to bring it forward and to add the new holidays.  If you are open special hours on the holiday, you should identify them in the 'Opening Time' and 'Closing Time'.  If you are on EA 7.6 or lower then check the boxes next to all the holidays (regardless if closed partial or full day). If you are on EA 8.0 and above, then only check the boxes next to holidays that you are open for partial hours. If you are closed for the full day then the boxes need to be unchecked.




eAutomate (previous versions before 8.0):

Select Tools---Options....."Edit Main Branch Settings"....


Edit Service Hours----



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