ID549 - Missing Meter Reading Instructions on Model Overview & Sample:

Keeping a central repository of information is the most effective method.  With the use of E-automate it is a best practice to store everything possible in E-automate itself.  The list of items that can be stored in E-automate is almost endless.  A few examples include notes on equipment, models, and customers.  One easy item that should be stored in E-automate is instructions to get meter readings for each model. This is useful for your own staff and also useful for customers.

Internally, it difficult to train every employee on how to get a meter sheet or count from all the models you may service.  This becomes even truer, if your company sells printers or services MPS contracts.  Having this data in your E-automate system makes it convent and easy to access.

 The customer will receive these instructions with every automated meter request.  So when e-agent generates a fax or email request, it will include the instruction for each model.  This way when customers receive the request, they have all the instructions to get the meter reading.  It really does no good to request a meter if the customer has no idea how to get you that meter reading.

Alert 549, helps insure that every model has the instructions.  It is not checking for the accuracy of the instructions, but merely that something is in the system.  It is a great way to insure that all models have instructions. 

Action to Take:

To add Meter Reading Instructions, go to e-automate and inventory then models.  Open the model of the machine you wish to add the instructions.  Click on the meter tab and there is a section at the bottom to add the instructions.  Here is an example of instructions:

1. Press the User Tools/Counter button on the left hand side.

2. Press the "word" counter on the screen

3. Press Print then Start

4. Please fax to 999-999-9999 attn: Jon Doe


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