ID90 crediting the tech and contract

We typically see this process being used by dealers who have a tech bonus program tied to parts usage and those techs will care that they get credit. If you do not bonus your techs on parts then simply apply the credit against the contract to ensure contract profitability is accurate. However you have no way to ensure that the manufacturer pays you for all claims submitted unless you track them. As an additional best practice we suggest an additional GL account for Warranty Credits, perhaps one for supplies and one for parts.

In an ideal world if a manufacturer gave you a credit back on a warranty claim you would want to credit the contract AND the technician.

Right now, in v7.6 and v8 to 8.7, the only way to effect the technicians Parts Usage $$ numbers in our reports and BEI reports and DGI reports is you would have to put a negative qty of the warrantied part on the service call, that washes out the qty installed on the call so the net effect to all reports for parts usage is $0.

That puts a qty into the techs defective bin that has to be processed by your warehouse thru an inventory transfer to a vendor RTV warehouse when the part is physically returned, then you process the vendor RTV accordingly. If the warranty claim is invalid, the RTV is cancelled and the qty is adjusted out. Defective bin quantities are not shown as available and are used as a placeholder to track movement from tech to office to vendor.

Please see sample steps on service call:

All of that is the only way currently to have warranty part credits impact a techs parts usage on all the BEI,CEOJuice,Accesllerate, DGI reports..

Of course you want to be confident that the warranty claim will be valid so best practice seems to be to have someone process the claim online and confirm it's valid before putting the negative quantity on the call. This would require that you have techs return all parts or something like have a box for each day in the car and dispose of the contents by that day the following week if the parts guy has not requested them back.

Now if you didn’t care about the tech getting credit for the warranty part..the Customer RMA process will allow you to tag an RMA to a contract/Equipment record which resolve contract profitability and credits the reports accordingly..but the RMA does not let us reference a Tech or Call# so the tech never gets credit.

Best practice would be to do the warranty check 1st, then add the negative quantity if the manufacturer says warrantable.

We are happy to chat in details about this and we've mentioned to DGI that optimal would be the ability to have the RTV process have a feature to ‘Cancel’ a defective return as ‘Invalid’ and have that offset the defective qty on the call and the techs warehouse…but they haven’t responded yet.  

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