Technician Qualifications

 Most dealers using eAutomate simply show their techs as trained on all products and feel that maintaining Qualification codes is too much work. We're trying to streamline the process. The manufacturers seem very eager to help with this. This is a suggested best practice from Keith at Modern Office Methods.



The qualification code is set up to match the manufacturer’s training course.  One training course often qualifies a tech on multiple models.  Oftentimes, there is more than one training course that will qualify a tech on a model.  All models on which a tech is trained when completing the course are added to that qualification code.   


The qualification code is then associated with the tech upon completion of the training course.  This then shows the tech is qualified on all models associated with that qualification code (course).  

We are working with the manufacturer's to provide a list of training courses and models on which the course certifies.

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