ID181 - Tech Photo on Notify Customers of Call Status

We can include an "Uber" style link in the email when tech is dispatched and arrived on site to keep your customer continuously updated as to location and ETA.


**By default, we will only include tech picture on status of dispatched and arrived.**






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When adding a picture of the technician to the ID181 service call notification, your tech pictures need to be uploaded to a website that is publicly accessible. Image hosting sites like Imgur, Google photos and Dropbox are not supported since they randomize the images URL. 

If you are running eInfo or Remote Tech, you already have a website that can be used to share the technicians’ pictures. Once you have the images available, then we can dynamically build the URL to the image. We then need the URL to the folder that contains those images.  For example, if you put your images in a folder called TechImages on a Remote Tech website at, then the URL that we would need is 

Please notify us at with the URL once you've set up the needed folder.


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1. Create a folder on an existing website that is reachable from the internet. Image hosting sites like Imgur, Google photos and Dropbox are not supported since they randomize the images URL. 

Your IT department should know how to set up the folder for you and make it accessible to you so that you can upload images.  Please see below for some tips for your IT Department. 

The images must be publicly accessible and available by a URL reference from the recipient’s (your customer) email client.  We cannot embed images that are dynamic (i.e. tech assigned to a service call), so we reference them with a URL in the HTML of the email.  Normally, we suggest you place them on an internet facing site all in the same folder and give each image a name that can be constructed by data in the database. For example, take the Agent Number of the tech and add .jpg to it and add it to the site URL to get the image.


2. Upload technician pictures to this folder using their Agent Number from their employee record in eAutomate as the file name


3. Use .jpg format for all images.

4. Keep the size of the image minimal.  It depends on how big you want the image to be, but in order to keep the files manageable, we recommend a height of no more than 150px.  You also don’t want the file size of the image to be too large. Probably better to keep it under 5MB if possible to avoid recipients rejecting the email for attachment size.

5. Once you have the folder created and started uploading images, let us know what the URL to that folder is and we will get our alert updated to test out the images.  We will make sure to send you some samples to get feedback of image size and location on the email before releasing it to your customers.

6. To add new tech (once you are including tech images), please add the new tech image to the previously used folder/site. Make sure it is in .jpg format and named with the technician employee number. That tech's image will automatically be included in future emails from ID181.

HINT:  When taking tech photos with your Phone, when you email the picture it typically gives you the option to choose how big a file you want the picture to be, we recommend picking the smallest size.  You can normally also edit/crop the photo before you email it from the phone.



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Folder Set Up for Tech Images:

Folder Set Up for Tech Images:

A few notes for IT Set Up of the folder:

**Image hosting sites like Imgur, Google photos and Dropbox are not supported since they randomize the images URL. **

1. Add application to web site / application pool:


2. Set pass through authentication and test settings:


3. Highlight the newly created folder and click on directory browsing, and ENABLE. In this example, it is already enabled and you are seeing the option to disable it.  (don’t disable :) )



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