ID426 - Contract Invoice Breakdown in Excel Overview & Sample

ID426 emails a report to the Equipment Contact when an invoice is generated for a contract, reporting location, address, city, state, model of the equipment with the clicks and charges for each machine. The contact will only receive an email for their equipment listed on that contract invoice. If there are multiple equipment records with multiple different contacts, the alert will send out multiple emails.

This email sends a comma delimited file the customer can open with excel, or send a formatted pdf file of the report, in Variable X put "Export" or "PDF".

The data for this alert comes from the contract invoice Meter Billing tables, and it uses the same distributed check box that the invoice print routine provides to allocate the base/overage charges across the equipment by BW & Color according to the % of clicks each machine ran against the Meter Group Totals. Since we are using that same logic this report will match the eAutomate invoice printout and the SCContract Equipment Billing eview base amounts.

See ID412 that emails one file for ALL equipment on the contract invoice and sends it to the contact listed on the Contract Record / Billing Contact tab

You need to enable a custom property in the Contracts Custom Property. Variable W is the custom property used to assign to a contract custom property, by default it is ZCJAlert426SendBillingDetail and it needs to be set to 'enabled'

Edit Contract, and select Custom Properties Tab. In Configuration add "Contract" if it is not set.


Set ZCJAlert426SendBillingDetail to Enabled

Select Ok / Save.


The email goes to the person listed as the equipment Contact on the equipment record


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