ID426 - Custom Property Setup

Alert ID426 (SendContractInvoiceEquipmentDetailCSVFileToEquipmentContact) will send a report to each equipment contact on the contract invoice with all the equipment associated with that contract.  It will only work for Contracts you specifically enable.  Subscription VariableW is the attribute used to assign to a contract custom property.  If the attribute is marked as 'Enabled' for a contract, that contract will be included in the record selection for alert 426.

Following are the steps to assign this attribute to the Contract 

  1. In e-automate, open the Contract window by clicking the Contract button on the toolbar
  2. Select the contract to include in alert 426 and double click to open the contract detail. 
  3. Click on the Custom Properties tab.
  4. In the Configuration dropdown, select the Contract - Contract Custom Properties option. 
  5. Now select 'Enabled' for the attribute value that was used in variable W of your 426 subscription (Default: ZCJAlert426SendBillingDetail ).  You can also select 'Disabled' here to remove a contract from alert 426.
  6. Click Close on the Contract windows to save changes.

If you have any questions, please let us know at [email protected].

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