ID293 - Contract Equipment not in any Meter Group - Overview & Sample

Designed to advise you when you have forgotten to bill a meter on a piece of Equipment on Contract, or when you are billing a different meter from the one(s) that Model normally bills.

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This alert is designed to advise you when you have forgotten to bill a meter on a piece of Equipment on Contract OR when you are billing a different meter from the one(s) that Model normally bills. 

It does this by reviewing ALL your machines to see what they're billing and reporting exceptions to this rule. This will not alert you if NO meter groups were created on the contract (see ID160 to alert for missing meter groups). 

If you want a full sweep of your database, regardless off your VariableW settings, email us at to trigger this in FULL mode for you.

Run Schedule: Daily AM

Type of Output: Email / / Task App


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Variable W: Number of Days to look back at equipment placed on contract. We consider the date equipment added to contract (not effective date). 

Variable X: List Contract Type(s) to exclude, separate by comma (leave blank for ALL)

Contract Types found via Lists & Codes / Contract Type:


Variable Y: List Contract Bill Group(s) to exclude, separate by comma (leave blank for ALL)

Bill Groups found via Lists & Codes / Contract Bill Groups:


Variable Z: List Meter Type(s) to exclude, separate by comma (leave blank for ALL)

Meter Types found via Lists & Codes / Meter Types:


Variable 2: Enter 'Exclude' to only consider active meters on Equipment Record, otherwise 'Include' (if blank considers as Include)



Variable 3: Enter 'Exclude' to only consider required meters on Equipment Record, otherwise 'Include' (if blank considers as Include)



Variable 1: List Branch Numbers to trigger on, separate by comma (leave blank for ALL)

*  *  *

Alert Functionality

Alert Functionality

-The first time this alert fires as either new install or release of version 2020501, it will send a FULL list of all qualifying records. Subsequent emails will only notify of qualifying records (date equipment added/created to contract) based on look back days set on your VariableW.

-This alert will notify you one time, it will not continue to pester you of same qualifying records.

-CEOJuice can also run this alert for you in 'Full' mode as needed, so it will report on everything (no matter when equipment was added to a contract).  Just send an email to to let us know you'd ID293 run in Full mode one time.  

-This alert uses meters that are commonly used (65% or more) to determine what to notify you of. The trigger for commonly used could switch back and forth until there is a substantial population and even then, it could bounce back and forth if hovering around that threshold. 

For example, if the devices are being added by two people and one is entering them with a 'B/W' meter and the other a 'Black White' meter, the total for each meter type could be 50/50 and neither would be "commonly used". 

If 50% of the machines have one type of meter and the other 50% don't, there is no telling which one is right. By the time the number gets over 65%, then it will start to trigger. If the total then drops below 65% it won't trigger. And we're only looking back VariableW number of days at whether or not a device was added to contract.
An example where it would not trigger would be:
VariableW = 30 days
8/1/2021: Add first device without a color meter
9/2/2021: Add 4 more devices with a color meter

-Alert sorts by Contract #, then Equip #, then Triggering Meter Type

Reason for Trigger Explanations:

Please note, for ALL trigger explanations, our logic looks at the commonly used (65% or more) meters for each Model in eAuto. If the Meter Type you've listed for billing in the Contract Meter Group is not that commonly used meter for that Model, then alert will notify you. So please keep in mind this is informational and intended to help audit what meters are being used. The alert will only notify one time for each qualifying Equipment Record. *An exception to this is if that Equipment Record changes what Contract Number it is listed on.

Also be sure you are making use of your variable options. You can exclude specified Meter Types, Bill Groups, Inactive Meters, and consider only Required Meters.

EQUIP METER AVAILABLE: The meter is commonly billed for the same Model AND the equipment has a meter available to add to meter group.

Indicates you may be using the wrong Meter Type or have not included needed Meter Type to bill in Meter Group on Contract Record (you could be missing click charges). Perhaps you need to mark a Meter Type on Equipment Record as active/required or change your Variable2 or Variable3 settings.

What to check:

Do you have meter on Equipment Record set to Inactive and/or Required that you should/should not be using:


Do you have Available Meters on Contract Meter Group"


EQUIP MISSING METER TYPE:  The meter type is commonly billed for the same Model BUT the equipment does not have the meter and it is not available to add to contract.

Indicates this Meter Type is typically used for the Model and is NOT listed as an active OR available meter on Equipment Record and therefore is not available to bill in a Meter Group on the Contract Record (you could be missing click charges on your Contract Record Meter Group(s):



Why added to meter group?: The meter is NOT commonly billed by devices of the same Model. 

This indicates either the Meter Type on Contract Meter Group is not what typically bills for this model OR the meter was left out of a Meter Group.


Same device listed multiple times? This indicates there are inconsistencies in the Meter Types that are being billed for that Model of Equipment on Contract. As in the case above, the most commonly billed Meter Type for Color on the IR-C5045 Model on Contract is the 'Virtual' Meter Type and not the 'Virtual TC' Meter Type. If you change the Meter Type on this Equipment Record to the 'Virtual' Meter Type for Color then it will no longer report on ID293's output. The Meter Types are now setup consistent with other Equipment of that same Model. 


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Best Practices & Tips

Best Practices & Tips

-Excludes contracts with NO Contract Meter Group (use ID160 to see those)

-If Equipment Record changed to different Contract Number and qualifies again, alert will include this device again. 

-Alert considers Active and Expired Contracts. So if you have an Equipment Record showing on expired contract, it will still report. Be sure you have terminated the contract OR terminated the equipment from contract record.

See THIS LINK for Best Practices on Terminating Contracts.

Equipment Level Termination:


Contract Record Termination:




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Related Alerts

Related Alerts

ID160: Contracts Missing Meter Group(s) OR no Rate OR no Overage Cycle


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Task App

Task App

Please see THIS LINK for review.








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