ID293 - Contract Equipment not in any Meter Group - Overview & Sample

ID293 is designed to advise you when you have forgotten to bill a meter on a piece of Equipment on Contract, or when you are billing a different meter from the one(s) that Model normally bills. It does this by reviewing ALL your machines to see what they're billing and reporting exceptions to this rule.

This will not alert you if no meter groups were created at all on the contract (see eventoutputid ID160 to alert for missing metergroups). VariableW is where you control how long the alert tells you about a piece of equipment on the contract not in a metergroup. We do that by using the # of days in VariableW to check back from today for when the machine was added to the contract...the createdate of that machine on that contract. If you put 5 in VariableW, then we only look for machines added to a contract in the last 5 days that are not in a metergroup. After 5 days we no longer notify you about that machine. When you first subscribe to this alert we suggest you enter 9999 in VariableW so that the alert will check ALL equipment on all active contacts that have metergroups and report any equipment not in one of the metergroups. After you go thru and assign the appropriate equipment to the appropriate metergroup, then you should update the subscription and set VariableW back to a reasonable number of days that you expect your team to have corrected any reported contract/equipment so that the alert will ignore equipment that for whatever reason you did not want to put in a metergroup on that contract.

(You can have us run this alert for you in 'Full' mode meaning that it will report on everything (no matter when it was added to a contract).  Just send an email to saying you would like ID293 run in Full mode one time.  We can manually take care of that and then put it back in Standard mode so it will trigger based on your variables going forward.)


Alert Explanation:


#1) When ID293 reports 'NOT BILLED' on a piece of equipment then the Meter Type it is triggering on is not included in the Meter Groups of the Contract that Equipment is on.

#2) When ID293 reports 'Why Billed' on a piece of equipment then the Meter Type it is triggering on is not one of the Meter Types that Equipment of this Model you normally bill on your Contracts. This is looking at actual Meter Type and not Meter Type Category. You may have multiple Meter Types for the Color Category but didn't use the Meter Type for the Color Meter on this piece of Equipment that you normally use for billing Color on other Equipment of the same Model as this one.  Keep in mind this is looking at meters that have actually billed, not just collected meters.  So if the majority of your models aren't in fact billing meters on a contract then it may still trigger when you setup that model on a new contract to actually bill, even if the meter types match the other equipment of that model.

#3) When ID293 reports the same Equipment twice for the same Meter Type Category then there are inconsistencies in the Meter Types that are being billed for that Model of Equipment on Contract. As in the case above, the most commonly billed Meter Type for Color on the IR-C5045 Model on Contract is the 'Virtual' Meter Type and not the 'Virtual TC' Meter Type. If you change the Meter Type on this Equipment Record to the 'Virtual' Meter Type for Color then it will no longer report on ID293's output. The Meter Types are now setup consistent with other Equipment of that same Model.





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