ID160 - Contracts with Specified BillCode Missing Meter Group or No rate or No Overage Billing Cycle Overview & Sample

We have clients who have some issues with contracts not being setup correctly for Meters, this alert checks contracts where the actual billing code match the billing codes used in VariableW (multiple allowed, separated by comma) and then report any of those contracts where there is no meter group, or there is a meter group with 0 rate, or there is no overage billing cycle.

Individual contracts can be excluded by setting the Contract Record Custom Property of ZCJ_ExcludeContractID160 to YES. Shown here:


**This alert will repeat every time it runs until the reported contract meter group issues are corrected, and it runs once a day typically at 4:30.



Alert Type column indicates if problem is that no Meter Group exists at all or if there is a rate missing from the Meter Group

Variables Include:  

VariableW - Contract BillingCodes you want to validate *REQUIRED* (separate multiple with comma)

**Please note VariableW is required, leaving it blank will not garner any results.**

VariableX  - AttributeName for custom property assigned to Contracts to be EXCLUDED from Alert

VariableY  - Branch Numbers to trigger on, separated by comma, or leave blank for ALL

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