How to Opt Out a Company or a Contact from surveys ID109 / ID220

Before you opt out someone be sure to send our opt out response template first, 90% of people do not opt out after getting this response.


There are two levels to “optout” a customer/contact who indicates on a survey that they don’t want to receive them anymore. 

You can turn off the entire customer by going to the custom properties on that customer record and setting the custom property below to “Yes” (disable call surveys).  This means no one at this account will be sent an follow up survey. The second screen shot is how to optout just one contact (not the whole company).

*Note in the default format of surveys, if you use the Parent/Child location setup, updating the parent customer will not disable at all child locations. Email if you would like us to make that change to include all sub locations when opting out the parent.

ID109 Service Call Feedback Survey


To disable an individual contact, open up that contact and add the Category “Do Not Send Call Followup Survey 109” to that contacts category tab…(contacts do not have custom properties yet so we had to “cheat” a little.



ID220 Supply Order Feedback Survey



To disable a contact select ZCJDNS220


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