Understanding your Survey Results & Responses from Customers

When you initially turn on a survey like ID109 closed call survey, we will email you within 15 minutes of someone completing a survey.



In the body of the email we explain why you are getting this particular response, generally on these first responses it will be because you are "Subscribed to receive all responses". The example above also had comments. We highlight what we feel is the most important reason in the subject of the email.


If someone responds to a survey, rates you 10 on everything, and doesn't enter any comments, then you may choose not to be alerted on this type of response and only be alerted based on how questions are answered. You have the option to set a "Target" on each question and only be alerted when questions are answered a certain way. We show the targets on the survey response. The target is shown below on the left.


You may choose to have a target of "Yes" on the question "Have sales contact me" and a target of "No" on the question "Did our technician telephone before arriving". We would then highlight that in the survey response.


In addition, you may decide to only get an email for comments/targets and not be alerted on those all 10, no comment responses. You do this when you subscribe to ID109 by changing Variable Z (VariableZ=Type "All" if you would like to see all surveys that are completed instead of targeted answers). See instructions here for setting targets on questions.

On the example below the question that was At/Below target was this one for alert ID181 and sales contact, you can have sales notified when only this question is answered yes. We notify the sales person on the customer record.


If you have the latest version of our survey we will also highlight a yes/no response in red if it matches the target


Note that we also highlight the second question above in red as a yes no should have a target answer and this one did not and was not answered, N/A matched N/A.

Similarly you might decide to have the technician notified only when the question Did the tech call before arriving is answered no.

If a question is not answered it will say Not Applicable, we encourage you to tweak question then review the responses in our survey dash board to see which questions are being answered and what happens if you word them differently. You should also start checking out your Net Promoter Score and ensure your sales team understands this process, more on NPS here.

In addition to getting responses via email we also push the results into e-Automate and you can run reports from there. They can be viewed in the survey dash board and alert ID394 will send a weekly spreadsheet of results. ALL results and not just targeted are available.

Alert ID188 will help you ensure you are surveying as many people as possible

Alert ID305 will catch bad email addresses.

You can see a list of all our surveys here.

Alert ID392 will tell you about contacts that completed multiple surveys.

ID591 will let you know when a customer has indicated via survey to receiving e-mail notifications on service calls

**Please note the Survey Response shows 'Completed Date' - this will ALWAYS reflect eastern time regardless of your or your customers time zone**.


Email with questions.

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