ID630 Reminder to manually set a contact to receive ID312 Install Survey Overview & Sample

The equipment install survey ID312 is designed to be manually triggered by you, once you are ready for a customer to receive the email/survey. This may be when the equipment has been delivered and invoiced, or once the equipment was delivered and users were trained. You decide when to send the survey.

ID630 is an alert that runs once a day looking to see if a customer is ready to receive a survey, based on what you tell us. Your team then needs to assign the Category to the Contact Record in e-automate (instructions here) in order to trigger the survey.

You tell us when you want to be reminded, based on transactions in e-automate occurring. For example 5 days after a service call with a call type of IN-Install is invoiced, OR 10 days after an equipment order type is invoiced. Once you tell us how the ID630 reminder email should work, we will build the report and the output will provide the necessary information for your user to them trigger the survey for that contact.

Sample of alert:



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