ID233 - New PO Created for a Specific Vendor, Item Category or Item # Overview & Sample:

Purchase Orders Created for variable criteria

This alert will send the person listed in the To/Cc a daily summary of Purchase Orders created with one of the Variables listed.
Vendor # listed in VarW , OR Item Category listed in VarX, OR an item # with VarY custom property assigned.  NOTE: If VarW is left blank will trigger for ALL vendors, if you don't want vendors considered please enter a non-valid vendor such as 'N/A'
The daily summary will generate a list of all POs with basic information (Vendor, PO#, item#s/description, Qty, cost, PO creator, ShipTo (for drop shipments), SalesOrder # (if linked).
Will also have the functionality to email a user that is listed in the custom property (VarZ custom prop) at the vendor level, when a PO is created for that vendor only, this will allow multiple parties to monitor different vendors.

To create the custom properties that will work with this alert you will need the following:

Attribte - ZCJPOMonitorContact - set to lookup on CM_Contact_Active

Attribte - ZCJPOMonitorItem - set to User-Defined Lookup on Enabled & Disabled

and then set up

Configurations (Custom Properties) Add ZCJPOMonitorContact to the Vendor Configuration but leave default blank.

Configurations (Custom Properties) Add ZCJPOMonitorItem to the Item Configuration and make default value "Disabled"


Add the custom properties to the appropriate Vendor record or Inventory item record to trigger the alert. 

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