ID457 - Customer Email Blast Overview & Sample

Minimum 24 hours notice required for plain text only email to be created & sent to all contacts in EA. If your require a more complex HTML email cover with logos/links/attachments, a complex list of contacts to send to, we will require minimum 3 days notice to generate sample.

This is a one time blast email to send out to all your contacts in eAutomate with an email address.

Do you need to notify all your customers that your office will be closed because of emergency weather or your service department will be in training on Friday from 12 to 5pm and will not be responding to service calls during that time.

You tell us exactly what you want to send out (send us the email template), and who should receive it. For example, only email active contacts linked to customers with active contracts. OR email ALL contacts in EA etc...

Once we have these details we will set up the alert and send you a sample of what your customers will receive. Once you approve and are ready to send this out, the alert will email out one-time only.

**Please start by subscribing to alert ID457 and determine what email address you'd like the email to send from. You will also need to check that your IT Department has given ceojuice needed permissions to Send As (not on Behalf Of) that email address. Please see THIS LINK for those settings needed.**



See below a sample email


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    Kevin Roth

    I used this after Hurrican Irene.  It was extremely helpful!-  Kevin

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