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See this link for CEO Juice Process for Sales Orders: Paperwork to Delivery (ID348)

We have some automated processes around sales orders. ID163 is one example, all based on custom properties on sales orders. See ID348 for notifications by Sales Order Status and Status Details.

Below are some examples of custom properties for sales orders. Whatever we track here we can alert off and you need to keep all this information somewhere so why not track it in the sales order. There is also an option to put notes here and we can include the most recent note in our alert.

The concept being that you create custom properties for everything that needs to be tracked on an equipment sales order.  Things like the date the order is signed, who the leasing company is, is the D&A signed, has the equipment been delivered, etc. We can then do things like alert sales on missing D&A, provide daily updates to sales manager, tell sales when their order will be delivered, etc.






We schedule our trucks through dispatch. The most critical thing is of course make sure your call types for deliveries/pickups are set to the “Install/Pickup” call Type Category Code (types are CM, PM, OT, IR, PH), that way they do not impact other service numbers and/or metrics (response time, callbacks, etc.).

I always try to make a common character as the beginning of special codes, so we start all our truck call types with “ZD “  for deliveries and “ZP” for pickups only so we can build logic around those two actions.

We use jobs to show who sales person is. We assign the Customer as SOS, in your case that would be your eautomate customer you have setup.  Jobs are not locked to a customer, so even though you assign a customer to the job, you can use that job on any transaction. You have to setup your sales people as contacts as well. So set them up as contacts of their “company” customer (the dealership customer), then you assign the job to a customer and the sales rep “contact” to the job.  One job per sales rep.




Our sales admin reviews all paperwork from reps, and once they have a “billable “ deal (all paperwork is signed, lease approved, etc.) they turn the work orders (one work order per equipment) over to our logistics person (we use Digital Quote Manager from DGI).  Then;

1)      Logistics creates a service call for each work order (machine) but the equipment is “Unknown”.  So if we’re delivering 10 machines, she creates 10 calls for Unknown equip, and she puts the calls on the date specified by the sales rep and assigned them to a tech called “ZTruckPending”.  (We have a “tech” for each truck, ZTruck1, ZTruck2, ZTruck3, but we use “ZTruckPending” as the parking spot for deliveries/pickups until the day before when she then plans each trucks stops and she reassigns them from the pending truck to the actual truck.  That way our real “trucks” are not full of calls that may or may not be actually assigned to them on the actual delivery date.

2)      She releases the work order to the warehouse and they pull each work separately. 

  1. They pull the order and they  assign the accessories they pulled to the host in e-automate

3)      They transfer the host to the sales reps warehouse and in the transfer equipment history tracking we prompt them for the customername, meter reading and they change the equipment status to either “Demo Picked” or “Install Picked” (meaning the equipment has been pulled from warehouse but is not delivered or built yet).

4)      Warehouse writes the s/n’s on the work order and returns this to logistics and she edits each call to change the equipment from “UnKnown” to the serialnumber of the host. The system notifies the Reps; [REPS NOTIFICATION STATUS = “The following equipment has been pulled and is in Prep”]

5)      Shop builds the machine from the work order (we don’t create a call for the shop to close, a couple of other dealers using this process do have the shop use a call to dispatch and close for the time they spent building the machine and the shop “incompletes” their call when they are done and the resulting reschedule call is the “delivery”, but that part is up to you, we don’t track our shop techs time).

6)      At 3pm logistics then starts planning the stops for the next day and based upon addresses and priorities and space (for pickups on the backside) she reassigns the deliveries from “ZTruckPending” to one of the actual Truck techs for the next day and then plans the order.  She changes the  Priority to one of 10 we created especially for deliveries (Stop 1, Stop2, Stop3, etc., we have 9 setup this way.  If it’s a multi call / multi machine delivery all at the same address, they all get assigned the same stop#).  The reason for this is so she can print the manifest in order of the trucks stops and trying to use “times” as the schedule just caused more confusion in the sales reps (“You said you would be there by 11:15, I’m here you’re not”.).  So we tell them it’s the 3rd stop and that’s all we promise.

7)      At 4pm logistics is required to have the next day’s deliveries set and we send a manifest to each rep of all the calls assigned to their “Job” and that would include Pickups and Deliveries. [REPS NOTIFICATION STATUS = “The following deliveries/pickups are scheduled for you tomorrow:”]

8)      As the trucks make their deliveries the next day, we send an email to the sales rep as the call is closed.


So, this is a process, of course you can add/drop whatever you want to match to what your team is already doing, and then you just let me know what steps in the call process you want to notify whom.  


Delivery call types

We suggest you use sale order status for this.


Our process is the sales admin team creates the sales order as soon as the paper work is turned in and they update the appropriate custom properties.  They then use the sales order status and sales order notes (little yellow sticky notes) to track what’s up with the deal.  Once they have all the necessary paperwork (signed, sealed, etc.) the order status becomes “Open”.


We have sales order statuses of Waiting on Rep…..Waiting on Approval…..Waiting on DNA….Pending-ExternalDealer…


Backordered we don’t use, but the proper process for that is to tie the sales order to a purchase order, and if we see sales orders waiting on a linked purchase order we can actually trigger off that (when the item is received we could send an email to the sales rep that the item has been received).  Lots of additional alerting options around this….



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